My tagline, let me show you it.


Tonight, I was playing the keyboard and heading into the final segment of “Sunny Cathedral” when  a funny thought popped into my head that someone watching me play might comment, “why do you hate your keyboard so much?” I’m pretty rough on it.  I’ve broken 5 hammers so far:


But, I do like the power of playing hard.  When recording, you don’t capture everything, because you can’t hear the keys being smashed.  When playing softly, you don’t get the same tone.  Sure, there’s a time for playing softly, and I do utilize it in some songs.  But sometimes, the section calls for fff and then some.

It’s good to get back the strength and endurance I’d lost over a long period.  It wasn’t many months ago that I was saying I’d be happy if I could play “Interstate” and “Broken Legs” the whole way through on the RD-600 without getting exhausted.  That milestone has come and is far behind me now.

So my next goal, I guess, is some real composition again.  I have some pieces put together and at times, I can get them worked into a decent format.  As usual, I compose just a little beyond my ability so it gives me something to practice and grow into.


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