My tagline, let me show you it.

Albert Lee

Albert Lee was one of the first signed artists on the label and managed to release two albums in two years, but was left behind by many of the other artists coming on.  It did not seem he got much early promotion on the sampler CDs, only one song from his first album.

Albert Lee is a country guitarist and if the genre has such a thing, he would be considered a “guitar god”.  Being early in the label’s history, he solidified the country leanings of the label, which is not surprising since it was based in Nashville.


The first album on the label is straight ahead country pickin’.  Lee would choose album titles to remind the listener that there are no vocals.  MCA would be an instrumental label until the introduction of Walter Hyatt, who would coincidently be the last artist on the label.

The album artwork is in the first design style, which includes a large colored border and a center art piece.  The style could be considered even before the first design, since it is the only albums to not have a textured colored border.  Like others in the first design, the album’s spine text is upside down.  The later reissue of the album under the Edsel label keeps the design as it was, but fixes the spine text.


Gagged But Not Bound

This album, the second and final album on this label is more of the same genre as the first – country boogie.

The artwork for this album is in the second design style, with a large white border, color bar, and center art image.  The center artwork is an illustration that breaks the borders into the exterior frame.


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