Another attempt

I Will Do My Work Honestly

This principle, from what I’ve read, has the most varied interpretations out of all, so to be clear, this is how I understand it.  This world is full of different professions, some more noble than others.  Some much more respectable than others.  Some run by ethical owners and some not.  So if you are doing a job and you do not see the value of your work, or you can’t justify the work you do, or if can justify the work you do, but you know your superiors are acting dishonestly towards other employees or customers/clients, you need to make a positive change.

In my case, the job before my current one was the point of enlightenment for me.  It all started well enough, but the more I learned, the more uneasy I felt about the company.  The whole company was operated on a mutual distrust between the employees and the managers.  The former thought they were being cheated by their superiors, and the latter thought their employees were essentially robbing them blind.  My position left me stuck in the middle, implementing controls that proved the employees were right, but unable to tell anyone.

Leaving that job put a resolve in me that I would never work for such a company again.  And so far, all’s well in my current job.  So as far as the employee satisfaction goes, I do good work for my employer and they treat me well in return.  My employer is in an industry that is probably misunderstood, but is not unethical.

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